Kristen Smith

Senior Research Coordinator, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

Kristen is the Senior Research Coordinator at AISP. She brings with her 4 years of experience with major research studies. After college, Kristen accepted a position at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where she acted as a project coordinator for the Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention for three years. In 2015, Kristen earned her MSW from The University of Pennsylvania, and returned in 2016 as a full time staff member at AISP. For AISP, Kristen coordinates for multiple grants that fund IDS work. She was the lead coordinator for the AISP Innovation project that produced 4 expert panel reports in areas relevant to the creation of an IDS. Currently, she is coordinating the AISP Learning Community initiative. Part time, Kristen works as an emergency room crisis social worker, and she lives in West Philadelphia.