AISP is an initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation through a grant to University of Pennsylvania Professors Dennis Culhane, School of Social Policy and Practice, and John Fantuzzo, Graduate School of Education. The principal aim of AISP is to improve the quality of social policies and practices through the use of integrated data systems (IDS). Quality IDS are designed to help executive leaders in municipal, county, and state government evaluate and establish effective programs for the people they serve.

AISP grew out of Culhane and Fantuzzo’s experience developing and operating an IDS in partnership with the City of Philadelphia. This innovative work led them to inventory and begin to connect with other efforts to build data integration capacity in jurisdictions across the country.

Since 2008, AISP has concentrated on four main objectives: promoting a professional network of IDS sites, providing consultation and training to support the growth of new IDS sites, establishing guidelines for practice, and demonstrating uses of IDS for policy and program reforms. Our two-page brief provides an overview of key lessons learned during AISP’s first decade of work.