What is the AISP Network?

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The AISP Network is a professional group of individuals within county organizations, state agencies, and universities that operate integrated data systems (IDS) across the U.S. The AISP Network was formed in 2009 to address the lack of national standards for integrated data systems. Network members recognized this void as a major roadblock for state, county, and/or local governments that want to establish an IDS in their jurisdictions.

How has the AISP Network advanced the field of IDS?

AISP studied the Network sites to document their best practices and common challenges, and now uses this knowledge to help develop new IDS sites. We advocate on behalf of the common challenges faced by Network members and developing sites to promote the use of integrated data (e.g., better access to education, income, and public housing data). AISP also leverages the capacity of our Network sites through multi-site research projects.

View our list of AISP Network sites.

 Network Building: The AISP Learning Community

AISP is actively working to grow the number of fully-functioning IDS sites nationwide through our training and technical assistance program, the AISP Learning Community. The map below represents our mature IDS Network sites, in addition to new sites currently engaged in developing IDS capacity through the AISP Learning Community.