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AISP is an initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation through a grant to University of Pennsylvania Professors Dennis Culhane, School of Social Policy and Practice, and John Fantuzzo, Graduate School of Education. The principal aim of AISP is to improve the quality of education, health and human service agencies’ policies and practices through the use of integrated data systems. Quality integrated data systems are designed to help executive leaders in municipal, county, and state government evaluate and establish effective programs for the people they serve. From 2009-2012 AISP concentrated on three main objectives: promoting a professional network, establishing guidelines for practice, and demonstrating research and analytic capacities that integrated data systems enable. AISP’s activities during this time built support for the efforts of state, county, and municipal education, health and human service agencies to improve their use of data for policy analysis and program improvement. Currently, AISP continues to work on the above aims while focusing intently on the following three key goals:

  1. Developing the capacities of existing and new IDS sites
  2. Demonstrating uses of IDS for policy and program reforms
  3. Identifying opportunities for innovation in the development and use of IDS

Professional Network

The AISP Network is composed of sites that are leaders in the field of integrated data systems. Network members are sites with mature, functioning integrated data systems capable of producing actionable intelligence to guide policy and practice decision-making. Our professional network includes the following sites:

  • Allegheny County, PA: Department of Human Services, Office of Data Analysis, Research and Evaluation (DARE)
  • Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI), NYC
  • Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
  • City of Philadelphia, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Opportunity
  • Cuyahoga County, OH: ChildHood Integrated Longitudinal Data (CHILD)
  • Institute for Social Capital, Inc., North Carolina
  • Los Angeles County, CA: Chief Executive Office, Research and Evaluation Service
  • Milwaukee, WI: Data Share
  • South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office
  • State of Michigan: Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
  • USF, Policy and Services Research Data Center (PSRDC), Health and Demographics
  • Washington State: Department of Social and Health Services