Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy is an initiative that focuses on the development, use, and innovation of integrated data systems (IDS) for policy analysis and program reform.

Actionable Intelligence (AI) encourages social innovation and social policy experimentation so government can work better, smarter and faster.

Integrated Data Systems (IDS)

What are IDS?

Integrated Data Systems link administrative data across government agencies to improve programs and practices through evidence-based collaboration.

How are IDS used?

IDS are used by executive leaders in city, county, and state government to evaluate and establish effective programs for the people they serve.  Check out our new IDS Uses Video.

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IDS are About People

Who is doing this?

Integrated Data Systems are used by a growing number of state and local governments across the U.S. and in Europe, along with their university-based partners.  View our list of AISP Network Sites.

How do I get involved?

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